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Bodies of Art

These bodies of art all represent Veronica's personal life story. 

It's about life, love, hurt and healing

Transform the reason for your suffering,

into the reason for your joy

01 The Mask of a Pretender.jpg

The Games we Play and the Masks we Hide behind

The first of a series of bodies of art portraying Veronica's 

life story. Her journey and how creating these artworks helped her heal from trauma.

A New Tide

These artworks are inspired by events, people, places and incidents in her life. As well as books, poems, music and movies that inspired her. It represents a new tide in her life after the creation of "The Games we Play, and the Masks we Hide behind".

1 A new tide-1.jpg
1 Elusive butterfly...jpg

The Marrow of my Soul

I am the River

Is it so nice as all that? .jpg
a time and a place.jpg

A Time and a Place


The Coming together of Colours

The Falconer.jpg

Beyond the Horizon

You have been

Walking the Edge

This is the latest body of art Veronica is currently working on. More images to follow

You have been walking the edge.jpg
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