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"Jumping the fire"

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

- Sometimes one have plans to go in a specific direction. Not taking a leap across a fire might alter the course of your journey -

I created this artwork in October 2018 after returning from spending summer in Europe.

After visiting Chartres, France to do dreamwork with WISN, I travelled by train to Brussels*, Belgium and then onto Brugge, where i joined my sister for the last four days of her tour of Europe. The photos I used to create this artwork was taken in front of a theatre in the town square.

Something about the mannequin with the red tutu resonated with me. The red tutu represents the fire of the St Johns feast day, it marks the ancient middle of summer and is held on a day close to the summer solstice. The tradition has evolved from an ancient right of purification associated with spring time. On that night it is believed that our world and other worlds meet. Not taking that leap took me on a different track.

*How enthralling to visit the city my grandfather and uncle was named after.


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